Ohana helps Manufacturers use incentives to sell more units and increase brand awareness.


Reward Aggregation
Aggregate multiple incentives into a single payout, driving customers back to spend at your store.

Redemption Choice
Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, Products, Checks. Empower customers with choice, benefit when they spend their reward at your store.

Actionable Analytics
Big data?  You’re already collecting it, and Ohana can help you leverage it to make intelligent decisions and promote targeted follow-on offers.


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Competition is fierce!  Ohana helps you gain a competitive advantage.

It’s a competitive market, and standing out is a challenge. Ohana helps Manufacturers build their brands and better understand their customers. The result? Happy customers who buy, and buy again, and again!

EVERYBODY WINS!  Yes, really.

Everybody Wins isn’t just a marketing tagline at Ohana – it’s the core belief upon which our business is built.

Behind the technology and platform that power Ohana’s solutions are people who believe it’s possible for everyone to gain something from a great promotion – your customers, your retail partners, and most importantly, YOU!

Technology, plus human beings.

Ohana’s technology platform is the best-in-class standard in the incentive and loyalty marketing industry.  But, powerful tools become even more powerful when controlled by experienced hands (and brains).  Along with patented and patent-pending technology, Ohana was the first to provide a fully online rebate redemption solution, and Ohana’s staff has years of experience in retail, banking, payments, coupons, online business, and mobile solutions.

You’re an expert at manufacturing great products your customers love; we’re experts at designing, launching, and running incentive marketing initiatives.  Together, we can do amazing things.